Four Season's Gourmet Indulgence !

"On entering the the classy venue at Park Hotel, Kolkata, I was immediately greeted with the options of a White and a Red wine. I spontaneously went for the red and after a swirl and smell reckoned it, without a doubt, to be the 'Barrique Reserve Cabernet Savignon'. The woody vanilla aroma was a clear indication of the wine matured in the oak barrels imported from France itself.

Such was the impact of information imparted by Peter Mitter, Regional Manager -Trade & Marketing of UB Group, on our last wine trail eventheld in Kolkata.

Earlier this month I was at one of the Four Season's retail outlet at a supermarket to buy the Barrique Reserve for someone who had come down from Canada, and who preferred wine over other spirits. In the outlet there was a couple who looked absolutely confused in their attempt to buy wine for a dinner party which they planned to host for their friends."

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