Structured Wine Trail Event by Four Seasons wine at The Conclave Club, Kolkata

"The run up to the much awaited Four Seasons Structured Wine Trail in Kolkata was a mix of suspense, anticipation and ignorance towards the mystery of wine, much like the larger novice non wine drinking Indian crowd at large. The Four Season Wine Trail was held in Kolkata at the Conclave, Rose Room. Being a food blogger along with my wife, Amrita, at Sweet’n’Savoury we had the opportunity to attend it with our fellowKolkata Food Bloggers group, through Ginger Claps.

For us, The Four Seasons Structured Wine Trail has definitely opened up a whole new chapter of wines in our little food world with the immense insight and knowledge that Peter Mitter, Region Manager-Trade Marketing of UB Group imparted in the session. Earlier the idea of wine was only restricted to homemade wines during Christmas with cakes and salted meat but now we are more than excited to discover wine in a whole new way."

"Dionysus, the God of wine making and wine, never ruled over my mind with its power of luring and the variant glory of its intoxicating mesmerisation until I visited this event. For me Wine was a good read in the books, good display on the bars and good watch people enjoying their glasses with romance. I had tasted wine once and then decided not to taste it again. 

Being a food blogger attending different food related events and writing reviews on it are real fun and a part of our job too. I read so many reviews on Wine trail Events by my fellow bloggers in different cities and to be honest rendered a likeness to this kind of events. A secret wish list already got created - to attend one so too though the concept in mind is generated to gain some knowledge about wine and witness how the event gets featured. And the dream did come true when we got an invitation from the Team Ginger Claps who organised an Event on Structured wine trail by Four Seasons wine at The Conclave Club, Kolkata. No need to say the excitement spread like a wild fire. But as the invitation came in  a short notice that many of our blogger friends couldn't make out as they were already geared up with some other appointments."

"ThThe Kolkata Food Bloggers were invited by Four Seasons Wines to their Structured Wine Trail event at The Conclave Club, Kolkata. This event was aimed at increasinawareness regarding Indian Wine.  As they say wine is an acquired taste. It is a sensory experience which can make you either a wine lover or a wine hater. It is a journey in which all the sensory organs are evoked. It is termed wine tasting as opposed to wine drinking as you are not supposed to gulp it down. You see it, you swirl it, you take in the aroma, you sip it, you let it swish in your mouth and only then you swallow it.
I was fortunate enough to be a wine lover from the very first sip."

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