BonGoan, Kolkata

Location:  17/4, Opposite State Bank, Kalikapur Road, Kalikapur, Kolkata
Contact : 033 24842480, +91 8420291730
Price for two: 600/- to 800/- (Apprx)
Cuisine: Bengali, Goan, Chinese
Hours: 12.30pm - 3.00pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Read reviews by the Kolkata Food Bloggers:

"So a bunch of us from the Kolkata Food Bloggers team landed up at the not-so-old restaurant Bongoan for a review , as a part of the Chef At Large Bloggers Table. Initial research showed that the restaurant specialises in Bengali as well as Goan dishes - with Chinese thrown in too as a bonus - hence the justification of the name BONGOAN! This was one place we had seen enroute South City Mall many times but never really ventured in for a meal. The bloggers table seemed like the perfect reason to check out the place and taste some authentic Goan cuisine. Well how authentic ? we'll just find out!"

"Bongoan, a small cozy corner situated on the main road of Kalikapur Road, just in a stone's throw from E.M. Bypass Road, was our this time's destination for the Restaurant Review program that we really enjoyed as the members  of Kolkata Food Bloggers group and Kolkata Chef At Large Bloggers' Table. Specialized mainly in Bengali and Goan cuisine and also with a handful dishes from the Chinese cuisine, the name Bongoan apprises the customers with an intricate attraction to visit the restaurant. With a sitting arrangement of approximately 8-9 tables in a not so small room and with a cozy little kitchen, the limited stuff members were very active to attend each and every customer with full attention that we found right after entering the restaurant. They very nicely accommodated us, a member of 7 giggling girls and helped us to feel comfortable at every aspect."

"Bongoan, located just off E.M. Bypass on Jadavpur Connector offers a unique combination of Bengali and Goan Cuisine under the same roof. While the facade looked pretty warm and inviting, the combination of neon green and bright yellow interior and bluish light left me a little cold. The staff  however, was warm and accommodating."

"The Chef at large-Kolkata Blogger's table and members of Kolkata Food Bloggers finally got together for their first meet at BonGoan, Kolkata which specializes in Goan and Bengali cuisine with some Chinese thrown in as well. 
The ambiance of the restaurant is very simple with a cozy and small space. The neon lights were a rather put off, especially for taking pictures of food. 
The staff comprising of a lone waiter, was very prompt and had a pleasing attitude. The food however took longer to be served, considering we were the only ones there. 
Since I am personally not familiar with the Goan cuisine, I happily let my fellow bloggers decide on the dishes..."

" It was a rain soaked balmy evening when we finally met at Bongoan for our very first restaurant review as members of Kolkata food bloggers and Chef at Large bloggers table. These days with my limited scope of venturing out on my own, I always welcome such gatherings with like-minded fellow bloggers. Especially Bongoan being very close to my place I looked forward to this eve very eagerly.

Bongoan is comparatively a new restaurant which I have been crossing on my way to almost everywhere. The unusual name gets the justification from the cuisine it serves, namely Bengali (Bong) and Goanese (Goan). But it also serves few common Chinese dishes, which have mass appeal."

"Drumrolls for the pretty ladies from the Chef at Large Blogger’s Table who met for the table’s first joint review in Kolkata! For the uninitiated, the CaL blogger’s table comprises a group of food bloggers who meet up and jointly review the place at the end of the day. Its an impressive concept wherein not only restaurants benefit by getting reviewed at one go, while bloggers get to let their hair down in like-minded company of their fellow bloggers. In fact the CaL table has been active and quite popular in Delhi and Bangalore, and ain’t I glad we are finally doing this in the city that’s known for its food, Kolkata. Big thanks to Kamalika who brought the fabulous Kolkata Food Bloggers under the same roof and introduced me to them."


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