Restaurant Review: Souk, Taj Bengal, Kolkata

 Antara Ray writes:
"It felt honored to be attending the Chef’s studio along with KFB recently at Taj Bengal’s Mediterranean restaurant – Souk, that brings to the city an array of flavors from Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Turkey. General Manager K Mohanchandran was our gracious (and humorous) host while Executive Chef Sujan Mukherjee took us on a culinary journey across the region, with stories from countries I always wanted to visit, for sampling the food and heritage alike. The closest I had come to the real deal were the expat owned Turkish and Moroccan restaurants abroad, luckily there is a sizeable population of expats from this region found all over Europe and in the prominent cities of SE Asia, some of whom have opened up their own joints to dish out food from back home."

"As a part of the Kolkata Food Bloggers we had the opportunity not only to be invited by the Taj Bengal, Kolkata, to their flagship Restaurant, Souk, to sample their range of Mediterranean spreads but also the fortuity to dine with the General Manager, Mr. K. Mohanchandran and the Executive Chef Sujan Mukherjee of Taj Bengal alongside exclusively. After a brief exchange of introductory salutation it didn't take long to bridge the culinary affinity that was crescendo-ed  by the ceaseless draw of Mediterranean delicacies intricately prepared by the Executive Chef."

Kamalika C writes:
"On our last meet it was decided with the PR Director of Taj Bengal to have an exclusive Kolkata Food Bloggers Table meet at one of their restaurants. And as promised it got organized. A charming  and vibrant Table got all set in no time at Souk which was famous for serving Mediterranean Cuisine on go. The special prize for the day was meeting Executive Chef Sujan Mukherjee and the General Manager K Mohanchandran in person and sharing the depth of knowledge on Mediterranean cuisine. For me I have tried Mediterranean cuisine but can not vouch on the fact that I tired the most authentic one and I have a vast knowledge on the cuisine and its taste. Therefore this table meet has honestly opened the plethora of knowledge to make sure what the authentic cuisine really offers. From my last few experiences I always look forward to meet a chef in person to know their point of view on presenting a cuisine on a different region which is not only challenging but also need the skill to read the peoples mind and taste. As for Kolkata, it is a city which is famous for food lovers and love to welcome the world cuisine and to experiment with it. Though now a days the Street food's Lebanese offerings are much more famous and people  gobbles up the  dishes. But we are missing out the original flavour of the cuisine. Here at Souk, Taj Bengal we made an authentic culinary journey which was not only educative but helped us to open the vastness of the cuisine by the verities of dishes that was served to us, the stories behind all and original way of cooking it."

"I was invited as part of the Kolkata Food Bloggers for the tasting from Souk - the Mediterranean restaurant at The Taj , Kolkata's latest menu which would be on the offer very soon. To be honest the only experience I have had at Taj was at their European restaurant which serves some of the best Continental fare in town and then of course there is La Patisserie with the best pastries and gateau on offer. So good are the offerings from the two mentioned restaurants that I did go back for the pastries and pizzas and got stuck with these two restaurants when there are so many lovely restaurants at The Taj as I found out today."

"Last Saturday, the Kolkata Food Bloggers were invited to a Mediterranean Experience at Souk Taj Bengal. Though the very name ‘Souk’ brings to mind a bustling bazaar scene, the restaurant exudes a tranquil, inviting vibe with the decor drawing inspiration from the modern Mediterranean. The menu on offer is strongly East Mediterranean.
Apart from the general seating area, Souk has two private dining spaces – Chef’s Studio and Casablanca. It was to the exquisite space of Casablanca that we were ushered to on arrival. Mr. K. Mohanchandran , General Manager of Taj Bengal and the executive chef of Taj Bengal, Mr. Sujan Mukherjee were our ever gracious hosts."

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