Restaurant Review: Smoke House Deli, Kolkata

"It was time for the Kolkata Food Blogger's meet for March and we definitely had Smoke House Deli on our minds since its the trendiest  new restaurant in town. To be fair I was very excited because this would be my second visit and you mostly get a better perspective on the second visit. Located at the newest mall in town it is right opposite to the 'Mithai shop' on Syed Amir Ali Avenue at Park Circus

Let me begin with a little unfortunate mix-up. The restaurant opens at around 11 a.m. and so I had called up to reserve a table and was informed that the manager was yet to come in but whosoever I spoke to assured me that a reservation has been made and that I would get a call back by 12 p.m. I never did get that call and when I called back yet again a lady said that she is taking down my reservation and apparently would call back again. I was relieved and got dressed and while going out gave them a call just to confirm by booking and was quite surprised that they had simply made no reservations at all. So as far as service goes I would say I am not impressed. While seating us was not a problem why a chain restaurant of good repute had such confusion with the booking of a table is beyond my comprehension."

"Kolkata Food Bloggers monthly table meet for March was unanimously decided upon Smoke house deli which has been getting rave reviews since it opened doors. A bunch of us decided to have our lunch there on a Saturday afternoon. 
One of the first thing that will strike you is their decor which is simple, minimalistic yet very impressive. The entire place is done up in an off white tone which transmits you to a Victorian time.
Their seating capacity is pretty large and in no time we saw the entire seats full. A reservation beforehand is recommended especially on weekends to avoid long waits.
My fellow bloggers including me had a hard time deciding on our dishes and kept leafing the pages of their menu card for a long time before we decided to start with a soup. 
We ordered a Baby fennel+smoked chicken+thyme soup (Rs 220/-) and got it divided into two helpings. The soup had strong and beautiful flavours of the fennel and I loved the smoked chicken bits in it."

"Smoke House Deli at Quest Mall in the Beckbagan region of Kolkata offers a selection of wonderful dishes from the European cuisine. Since the restaurant opened its doors to patrons, it has received rave reviews. So, for the monthly table meet of the Kolkata Food Bloggers, we decided to visit Smoke House Deli Kolkata.
The restaurant is modeled along the lines of an European cafe. The white walls feature artwork that pay homage to Kolkata’s architecture and culture. The decor is pristine and composed – nothing that distracts you from the overall dining experience but at the same time, it has a certain whimsy that makes the place memorable."

"Fine dining is not a new concept in Kolkata but what is new - is the establishment of the new branded food chains which have already crowned the fame in the gastronomic world. Thankfully the trend of Shopping Malls has not only opened the options of shopping after your heart under one roof with your desired brands but also to regain your lost energy with the quality food. Under one roof you can opt for a quality dining or just cheer around on a casual one. At the same time it is always good to see Kolkata embracing the different types of world cuisines which are already popular in abroad and also in the other metropolitan cities of India. Smoke House Deli is one which is famous for serving European cuisines recently opened in the 5th Floor of Quest Mall in Kolkata. "

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