The Grape Harvest Feast at Swissotel, Kolkata

"Perhaps for the first time in Kolkata the giant wine brands of India like the Four Seasons, Sula, Nine Hills, Grovers and Antarez came together to celebrate the spirit of good food and great wine at the event organized by Swissotel which was rightly called The Grape Harvest Feast on Sunday 23rd February, 2014. With the exponential explosion of the food industry in India the appreciation for wine is poised to surge at a trajectory that only can be contained by imagination. The world of wine opens up to experience a higher culinary dynamics and the Kolkata Grape Harvest Feast singularly broadcasted the effects of great wine and great food by having the major wine brands of India come together on a common platform and open up their cellars and reserves for novice and experts to sample the best Indian wines. ......"

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