Restaurant Review: The Corner Courtyard, Kolkata

Kolkata Food Bloggers got cordially invited to sample the Spring Summer Menu and regular course menu of The Corner Courtyard. Read what Amrita Gill and Kamalika C have experienced.
"Kolkata! Call it the City of Joy, of congestion, of rich cultural heritage or of pollution, the fact remains that Kolkata is a city where everything exists in perfect harmony and it is a city that makes you fall in love with its charm, glory and grandeur. Here, the bygone and the modern both exists in perfect synchronization. Kolkata has always embraced and welcomed every new thing, every new beginning with loads of love and warmth.
This city might not appear any different than other cities in this country with its traffic jams, high rises, slums, malls etc but anybody who has lived here will tell you how different this city is. Kolkata is a city that you breathe, hear and feel.
This passion and love for Kolkata has made Megha Agarwal, CEO and founder, open a Boutique Heritage Hotel and Restaurant of its kind which is very aptly and warmly named The Corner Courtyard.
Kolkata Food Bloggers were cordially invited by their team to review the restaurant and their ongoing fund raiser programme for SOS Children Village Kolkata in collaboration with Actor Kunal Kapoor's online fund raising portal 'Ketto'. A special Spring Summer Menu has been designed for this which will also become part of their regular menu afterwards. This fund raising programme is on till the 26th of February........" 

"Boutique Hotel and Restaurant it is, that built a new illustration in the history of décor with its minute detailing and keen collective observation to exhibit a work of art in true sense. The Corner Courtyard is the dream and brain child of Megha Agarwal who one day took a stunt and made possible the impossible thing by remodeling a 108 years old building with the beauty touch ups that limns the European architecture, at the same time the vintage grandeur too. Megha, Born and brought up in Kolkata, but not a Bengali, an ex PWC consult, has dreamt from her childhood to do something of her own, something that might  delineate the richness and the heritage of Kolkata. Pristine white building standing high just by the main road of Sarat Bose road, beside the Moon Light Petrol Pump never displays the fact, that upon stepping  the door you are actually entering in a world of class which will for a while give a mesmerizing tour of an utmost contentment...."

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