Bohemian, Kolkata

"If you take the lane just by Chinese Pavilion (known as Bondel Road) on Ballygaunge Phari, come straight and hit on to a small temple, take sharp left and just a minute's distance you will see the small cosy restaurant called Bohemian on the right hand side. This month our Kolkata Food Bloggers' Table meet was destined to Bohemian. We all heard a lot about this one and all good words and praises about the quality of tasty food they serve. So we came here to judge our luck, taste and to review. At first glance the restaurant reminded me the bistros of USA/UK. I was the first one who came a bit before time. We had prior reservation so after entering the attainder directed to our reserved table. We were supposed be 6 but only 4 were able to make it. When we all settled down there was nobody and we were sharing jokes about the reservation et al. But after half n hour we realised how important it was to reserve ones table before. It got too crowded within an hour. The restaurant is very cosy and small allocating 7-8 tables. I loved the hanging exhibition of picture postcards adorning the window panes, the backdrop fountain  with some creepers pouring down behind a huge glass framing and giving the shadow effect of the rippling water. All the wooden table and chairs were decked up methodically with some colourful mix-matched gypsy cushions............"

"For someone who loves eating out, I know I’ve been late in exploring the much-raved about Bohemian. Situated in Bondel Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, Bohemian has been quite a favorite among diners who were looking at Bengali food with a difference. I happened to visit along with a couple of blogger friends on a winter afternoon. The place was small but tidy and well-done. More of a cafe than a fine dining decor, and hence the likes of me could chatter and eat quite comfortably, unmindful of the do’s and don’ts of table etiquette. The menu card was impressive and famished that we were, we went on an ordering spree despite one of us warning the rest about the massive portions we should expect in the main course. We ordered 3 kinds of mocktails, two appetisers (chicken and prawn), four individual main courses and did not leave before sampling a dessert. Everything I had or tasted has pleased me enough to not find a single negative thing to write about. I therefore would prefer to let the pictures do the talking....."

"Bohemian actually needs no review.It is by far one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city.For the longest time now I had been wanting to eat there but somehow always missed the chance. This time when we were deciding on a place to have our monthly KFB Table Meet we promptly decided upon Bohemian. It is Chef Joy Banerjee's baby and he takes great pride in it. While browsing through the menu I read his foreword where he mentions that this is a dream that he is pursuing and rightly so.The amazing spread will only leave you wanting for more. Chef Joy surely knows his forte and how amazingly rustles up fusion Bengali cuisine with elan.
Now moving on to the meet and the food. Four of us food loving bloggers reached Bohemian around lunchtime and found ourselves comfortably seated. Prior reservation definitely helped. The decor and interiors is very warm and fuzzy with a water cascade on one wall which adds to the charm of the atmosphere. .............."

"It was for years that Calcuttans have had the delectable traditional Bengali fare served by a few restaurants in Calcutta be it Oh! Calcutta, Suruchi, 6, Ballygunge Place, Kasturi and a few other restaurants.                          While the city began to be filled with eateries in every nook and cranny Chef Joy suddenly forayed into the Calcutta gastronomical space with his beautifully unique  dishes in 2008. My first encounter was when someone had ordered in from this joint and well the meal was memorable even more so with the twist and turns. So you see there were sandwiches with cumin and pizzas with nigella seeds and it was a beautiful innovation. So I present Chef Joy's delicacies. The consistency of quality and quantity over the years does deserve special mention, though in recent times he did switch his home fries with store bought potato crisps......"

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