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Kolkata, or Calcutta as we all fondly still call, is a city that has been a host to various religions and nationalities like British, Chinese, Jews, Sikhs, Gujratis, Biharis etc. All these settlers with time have brought in some unique changes to the cuisine of Kolkata. One such famous and irrefutable change in the local cuisine was brought in by The British rule. 
We are proud to announce that Kolkata Food Bloggers are working as co-organizers of the annual event Nutrifest, 2013 organized by KPC School of Nutrition and Food, Kolkata. The theme for this year is"Laatsaheb er Bangali Khanshama" which means the influence of British rule on Bengali cuisine. The search was for food which originated in the British era and can still be found in some prestigious clubs of Kolkata. 
Bengali food is characterized by a large number of influences, both foreign and Indian. Bengal is fairly ancient with a turbulent history and strong trade links with many parts of the world. When the British influence crept in onto food, the result was unique. Local ingredients adapted to the newer cooking techniques, such as baking.
Now we are happy to announce our next Gourmet Competition with the following categories. Pls read it and send recipes maintaining the theme in mind.
Memsaheb er Mishti Mookh - 
Around this time, British desserts like Tipsy Pudding and 365 Pudding waltzed into the daily lives of Bengalis along with Sponge Rosogolla and Ledikeni.

Daakbunglow Fraize Curry - 
The Daakbunglow cuisine - a near forgotten culinary treasure, originated in the colonial times. The Daakbunglows were stops where the British would rest for the night. The Khansama (orderly) would rustle up dinner with whatever sparse ingredients in hand, and thus emerged the Daakbunglow cuisine.
4pm er Cha-Ta - 
The 4pm high tea tradition was introduced by the Pucca Clubs in the European quarters of Calcutta, Bengal Club being the first one. Chacha's hotel brought the Pucca Club high tea concept to the tables of the middle class Bengalis.
Hogg Saheb Gorom Baksho - 
English and Jewish bakers such as Flury's and Nahoum's dominated the confectionery industry which travelled from British tables to everyday Bengali ones, resulting in unique creations such as the patties (savory turnovers).
Pucca Club er Telebhaja - 
Raj era cuisine still thrives in modern Bengal in the form of variety of finger food popularized in the Pucca Clubs of Kolkata. Delicacies such as mutton chop, kabiraji cutlet and patties had successfully migrated from the British tables to the everyday Bengali kitchen.

Kolkata Food Bloggers presents Goumet Compition as a part of Nutrifest.
Send entry in between: 20th Nov’13 to 25th Jan’14
 i. Memshaheb- er Mishti Mukh
. ii. Hok Saheb-er Gorom Baksho.
 iii. 4 pm -er Cha Ta.
 iv. Dakbanglow Fraize Curry. 
v. Pakka Club -er Telebhaja.

1. Any body can send recipes all over the world.
2. Write your name, Place, Recipe name and category name. One entry per category.
3. The recipe should be clearly described with the Ingredient and Method section along with clear picture. Pls send all recipes at kolkatafb@gmail.com.

5 winners will be selected. First 2 will be featured in Femina Magazine. 5 winners will be featured on Bangla Live and Kolkata Food Bloggers blog as well as Page.

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