Kolkata Food Bloggers (KFB) came into existence when some like-minded  Food Bloggers hailing from Kolkata connected over their passion for all things delicious. Our City of Joy boasts of many connoisseurs of good food and is the birthplace of many delicacies  but it lagged behind the other metros when it came to a Food Bloggers Society. So our main goal is to establish a platform where all food  enthusiasts can come together and participate in food related events, workshops and review programs.
It has been a few years now that the Food Bloggers have created a niche for themselves. Bloggers have in fact now become a mainstream choice for promoting ones work and being used by food establishments across the globe.

Team KFB comprises of a group of Bloggers who work on recipe development, restaurants/events/product reviews, food photography and also organizes food related events and workshops. We use the medium of web and social networks to promote our work that is broadly based on the scope of work mentioned above.

If you are a Food Blogger and you live in Kolkata, and want to know how you can become a part of this awesome Team, contact us here.


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