Get your home Festive ready with ‘Hit’ ways

It is the time of the year when the air smells of the upcoming festivity in Calcutta, the fragrance of the shiuli phool and the appearance of the kaash phool, all sing together that Puja is now very near. This is by far, the most awaited season as it brings along a string of festivals where everyone gets immersed right from the preparations to the festival celebrations. The entire city starts its preparations to  get festive ready from shopping for new clothes and things for the house to planning out precise plans to spend the Puja with utmost fun and fervour. And after Puja’s where people are still enjoying the merrymaking during, the festival of lights, Diwali,  follows soon which is another important festival where the entire house is cleaned well and ensured to be free from hiding insects.

Festivals in India have such a wonderful  charm where everyone gets together to welcome it by ensuring that their surrounding s are spick and span. Cleanliness is given a lot of importance as it is believed that Gods and Goddesses visit only clean and well lit houses. Every household engages in dusting, cleaning, white washing  and removing old and unwanted things. This serves as a beautiful excuse to maintain regular cleaning of all corners of the house and kitchen especially which is the favourite place for hidden cockroaches and other insects. The havoc caused by them can lead to upsetting spread of diseases like  Food Poisoning, Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhea, Dysentery and many stomach diseases.

Along with the other important preparations for Durga Puja, everyone focuses on maintaining hygiene in and around their house. Cleaning of the house and riddance from insects is of utmost importance. With the change in weather, cockroaches sneak out from their hiding and make their way into our homes, crawling in through the dirty drain pipes bringing in all the disease causing bacteria with them. They crawl on food and utensils and leave behind the germs that cause food poisoning. Cockroaches hide in hard to reach corners and thus escape from the regular cleaning products. The most easiest and sure shot way to get complete rid of them is Godrej LAL HIT, with its deep reach nozzle, it is able to get rid of the cockroaches hiding in your kitchen sink outlet, under the gas cylinder or under your fridge and around the dustbin. The unique deep reach nozzle is the only solution to get complete riddance from cockroaches. With the easy approach of using Godrej Lal Hit, you are rest assured that you can enjoy a safe, hygienic and happy Puja.

Welcome the season of festivity and enrich yourself in fun and fervour and a sense of relief that comes from regular usage of Godrej Lal Hit. Use it every month to enjoy your healthy, happy and hearty surroundings.

Wishing all our readers Happy Puja.

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