Sunday Brunch at Durbari; Swissotel

Swissotel Kolkata is the newest addition to the city's five star Luxury hotel scenario. As part of FRHI Hotels & Resorts It provides a striking mix of leisure and business  facilities. Being true to their parent company's mission Swiss Kolkata also is very conveniently located near the Airport, at Rajarhat, attached to a mall, restaurants and multiplex where access to business and shopping are right around the corner. 
It's my first visit to this property and I definitely was bowled over by their warm hospitality. When Ashish Shaw, the restaurant manager ushered me to a brightly lit private dining area, the food photographer in me did a silent jig. Good lights means good photos. 

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Durbari itself is famous for offering the North Indian speciality food where you will get the Kashmiri influences as well as the Awadhi. Recently keeping in mind about the Bengali culture and food,Durbari offers some famous Bengali dishes like:Malaikari, Shorshe Machh, Kosha Mangsho. It made us more surprised when Ashish (Restaurant Manager) informed that Durbari is the only one restaurant in Kolkata which serves the famousPANTA BHAT. 
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    House dips
We are ushered into a private dining space by Aashish Shaw,the restaurant manager and Enakshi Kundu, assistant manager, marketing and communication. There is a big black table with sufficient lighting and as a food blogger I am happy – this is a good setting for some nice photographs.
On the table there are five little boats of home-made dips – tamarind, mango-mustard, burnt garlic, yogurt-saffron and mint. I take little spoon-full of each and every taste sets my tongue a-tingling. I like the delicate flavour of the yogurt-saffron and the confident flavours of the burnt garlic dip.
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For a brief period of my life I had been teaching at Delhi Public School, Megacity. If you live in South Calcutta and if you know where the school is located, it'll give you jitters. The compulsion to reach school by 8.30 am sharp meant that essentially you had to wake up at the crack of dawn to avail yourself of the school bus service. At times I would doze off in the bus in front of my 16-18-year-old students, which would definitely not make a pretty picture. The exact story was repeated during the return journey as well. The day I left DPS I vowed I would never ever come to this part of the city. And ever since that day Rajarhat has remained completely out of bounds for me.
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"Rach! Come on, this is perhaps one of my best experiences in terms of dining in the perfect 'atmosphere', the well-lit up private space with the soothing background score in perfect sync with the ambiance did wonders to the foodie-psyche. And you are right, the overall 'setting' does matter in setting up a tone for the perfect dining experience. The hospitality, like always has been grand, they treat all of their guests with utmost care". - Ah, you got me fellas, I was deep into the flow. I do analyse the surroundings pretty well before I decide to settle in. Durbari has been a revelation in that respect. I could sense the vibe right from the point of entry, and I bet that the fellow bloggers Kamalika, Amrita, Anwesha, Sayantani, Pritha and Archita would definitely concur.

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The brunch was special in more ways with the lovely company of Enakshi Kundu, assistant marketing and communication manager who guided us through the all time favourite and loved dishes and Aashish Shaw, restaurant manager who very patiently informed us about the variety they offer and the personal changes they make to suit individual taste buds. 
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Well what more can I say. The dessert counter was calling out to me and my love for Indian desserts got the better of me. So I promptly filled up my plate with Mango Ras malai , Rabdi and my most favourite Mihidaana. For the uninitiated what mihidaana is, please refer to the picture below! There was a balanced mix of traditional and modern desserts as you can see.
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  1. This looks quite fabulous! And with all those flavors, I can imagine it would be beautifully fragrant and tasty too :)