Mothers Day Brunch - Eden Pavilion, ITC Sonar, Kolkata

The KFBians and their lovely moms
"A mother is like a flower...Each one beautiful and unique..."

And to celebrate those most loving persons of our lives,  ITC sonar arranged a Sunday special Mother's day Brunch for the KFBians and their moms. Read about their fun-filled experience of   ITC's impeccable hospitality combined with a lavish spread...

Photo: Sammyabrata

Archita's Experience
ITC Sonar organised a Mothers Day Brunch specially for Kolkata Food Bloggers where the bloggers were invited along with their moms! When I got a call from A of ITC telling me about the event I was mighty disappointed as my mother lives in a different city. But things which are bound to happen..happen...and as if by magic I got a call from Maa that she would be visiting me that weekend!! There I was, all set to enjoy an afternoon out with Maa. ITC hospitality is impeccable and they would never let you down. We reached the venue at the specified time and henceforth started the fun and a super relaxing afternoon with a humongous spread of good food. There was Antara and Manjari joining in with their moms as well. The moms instantly hit it off and that was one of the best thing about that afternoon.

the fun-filled activities (Photo: Sammyabrata and Archita Chanda Ray)
SammyaBrata's Experience
“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.” ― Erma Bombeck. Indeed, indeed. Guess what, we were in-line to formulate a number of such quotes back then; yes of course we were treated with the finest of cuisines at the ITC Sonar, Kolkata on the occasion of Mothers Day. I did come across some fantastic reviews about the Sunday brunch, it was always there in my munch (and lunch) list and now I had an opportunity to experience it, to indulge in the royal spread. And the best thing is, we were given an opportunity to share the 'divine feeling' with our dearest one. Well, needless to say that the occasion was grand and the hospitality matched 'up to the standards'. It was an overwhelming experience to say the least, let us savor the moment through a bunch of photographs, the delectable recapitulation blended with endearment.
Photo: Antara Ray
Antara's Experience
We spent the best Mother’s day ever this year at the ITC Sonar that organised a special Sunday brunch for Kolkata Food Bloggers to mark the occasion. We were invited along with our moms and how we absolutely loved this thoughtful gesture. I for one was glad it gave me and mom some girlie time together and away from the boys at home (who were all jealous below their stoic pretense). Archita and Manjari was there as well; our moms connected like long lost friends and the table was filled with happy chatter in no time.
The Sunday brunch spread at ITC was very impressive – from a vast array of salads and breads to traditional Bengali and Rajasthani items to continental fare, there was something for everyone here. I was especially mighty impressed with the elaborate salad section, they had a good mix of mediterranean, European and Indian inspired salads and aperitifs to choose from. I love the idea of the DIY salads where one could pick their choice of seafood – with tuna, squids, crab meat and octopus laid out separately with a choice of seasonings – I found this is especially useful for people with specific allergies because they can control what to pick for their salad.

the activities (Photo: Archita Chanda Ray)
Manjari's Experience
Make your own Mother's Day any given Sunday with ITC Sonar Edevn pavillion's Fun filled Sunday Brunches. So do you really feel Mother's Day is that one day of every year. Well if you are like me you would probably want everyday to be Mother's day and ITC Sonar gives you the opportunity to have a fun day with your mother every Sunday, oh well wherever a mother goes the family follows and so its a treat for the entire family.
I was invited as part of Kolkata Food Bloggers to sample Eden Pavilion's Sunday brunch on Mother's Day and I was actually very happy to have been informed that it was part of their regular Sunday brunch and the activities ta Brunch goes beyond the scrumptious spread. So there is face painting for your kids and I am not sure why the adults cannot take part it as well. Then there are  balloons, magicians and of course a cookie making stall. These are the simple activities which a mother and child can do together which makes an ordinary Sunday extra special and why you need not wait for that one day of the year to make your Mother feel extra special.

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