Online Event: Poila Baishakh with Veg - Bengali Dishes

Only few days are left to welcome the prosperous Bengali New Year  and we are here ready to celebrate it with our new Online Event: Poila Baishakh with Veg - Bengali Dishes. Bengali cuisine is not only famous for its non-veg delicacies but also for its Vegetarian spread. This time KFB has decided to bring forward the Veg-Bengali Dishes to celebrate the beginning of a brand new year.  This year KFB has decided to come up with various food related online events twice a month throughout the year, where we would like to connect all the food bloggers from each corner of the world. This will help us learn many new recipes and at the same time we can connect with the Fellow Food Bloggers as well apart from Kolkata. We will learn, Cook, Click and Share them with the world about our experience and the recipe.So pls keep an eye on our EVENT Schedule that we will keep on updating on our page. For more detail pls visit HERE.
So if you want to join us then please make ready your blog posts  on the subject and post it following the rules. After the event gets over we will share this link to our KFB Page. (Note:The KFBians post will be featured on the KFB page individually as per as the regular schedule that KFB keeps on updating.)

Rule to participate in this event:
1. The event will be starting form 9th April'14 and will end up on 15th April'14.
2. All the participants have to post within these period.
3. Old posts are allowed, only the rule is you have to update it with the "East or West, Food is the Best" logo. More than one post is allowed too.
1. Pls Download the Event logo.
3. Link your recipes here:

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  1. I came across your blog while looking for some bengali food recipes and liked a lot. How amazing! I will keep an eye on your post.