French Culinary experience with Chef Marc Thuet at Taj Bengal, Kolakata

Manjari's Experience:

An afternoon of sublime dishes. Now I have personally heard of music being referred to as sublime but food which is sublime is a rare treat indeed.

With Taj Bengal hosting Le Thuet,  a special gastronomical indulgence at their restaurant The Hub, I was fortunate enough to have been invited as part of Kolkata Food Bloggers to attend a very special lunch.
Chef Marc Thuet and his lovely wife and business partner Biana Zorich had flown in all the way from Canada to share sublime dishes with Kolkata. What one feels after meeting this lovely couple is  that they are warm and friendly and keep you engaged in a delightful conversation and then slowly you learn that Chef Thuet has catered to some of the biggest celebrities in the world from Bill Clinton to Tom Cruise but he believes  'every customer of mine is a celebrity' and he indeed treats every customer of his like a celebrity and if you have the good fortune of tasting what comes out of his kitchen you would feel like a star indeed.

With his roots in Alsace in France and having gained experience in the kitchen from a tender age of 12 this friendly gentleman does have magical culinary  tricks up his sleeves to make every dish taste exquisite.

Amrita's Experience..

I had a glimpse of the man in action, his arm and forearm full of various tattoos and black shades on his blonde hair, at theInternational Vine and Food festival held at Taj Bengal and immediately recognized him as the famous gourmet chef Marc Thuet who has flown in from Toronto to treat the people of Kolkata to an unforgettable French culinary experience. Kolkata Food Bloggers had the fortuity to be invited by Taj Bengal to sample the Chef's creations. 

Chef Marc Thuet, born in Alsace, France,  is a fourth generation chef and started his stint with food at the young age of 12. Along with his beautiful and charismatic wife Biana Zorich who is also his business partner,  they are called Toronto's Culinary Power couple. With a growing chain of gourmet bakeries called Petite Thuets serving the likes of Ritz Carlton and running an empire of critically acclaimed food with a clientele of the likes of Musician Prince and Actor Sylvester Stallone, Marc Thuet believes in steadfast styling and use of organic produce. He has also appeared in reality television series called 'Conviction Kitchen' where he trains ex-conmans to run a restaurant and  has completed two seasons.

Rakhee's Experience:

Thanks to the Kolkata Food Bloggers, I was invited to a meeting with the celebrity French chef Marc Thuet at The Hub, Taj Bengal. It was a blistering hot afternoon, when I reached the Taj. There were butterflies in my stomach....I was so nervous!

Firstly, I had never met a celebrity chef before (only seen them on TV) and second I had limited knowledge about French food. According to me, French food is light on taste and uses lot of cheese. Now I like my food spicy, hot, and tangy. But I was in for surprises....

After settling in and saying all the "how-do-yous" we met Biana Zorich, Chef Marc's lovely wife and business partner. She broke the ice pretty fast and very soon we were all chatting away merrily. She educated me about the fact that French food is lighter on spices but uses the freshest of ingredients. All the meat and vegetables have to be absolutely fresh to bring out the subtle flavors. The use of cheese (especially goat cheese) gives a delicate flavor to the dishes that needs to be savored.

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