Chawlas 2, Golpark, Kolkata

"When we had moved to Kolkata 6 years back what I terribly missed was good north Indian food. I would desperately want to eat some daal makhni or butter chicken like they would make in Delhi but there wouldn't be a single place barring the 5 stars fine dining restaurants where I could gorge on such yummies. Over the years however things have changed and many watering holes have cropped up around the city that serve good north Indian food.The other day we at KFB got an invite from Chawlas 2 - the famous Ludhiana based restaurant to review their menu.So on a cloudy winter Sunday afternoon a few of us bloggers landed up to savour some rich north Indian spread."

"If you walk few steps ahead of Amenia, Golpark, you will get Chawlas which is very easy to locate just above the Arambagh Store. I hardly experiment new food joints if I am out with the family. We have 2 or 3 fixed restaurants that we keep on rotating only because of the Lil one enjoys those eateries and our taste buds too now depend solely what the lil one will approve. So after we have the KFB Table meet every month I am on cloud nine to experiment the versatile taste of the Kolkata Food Joints, which always lure me with an open arm. This time we got an invitation from the humble, polite and professional Team Chawlas to visit their joint and let people know about their food. I was quite surprised to see the place first that I have never noticed the restaurant which is just located on road through which I commute everyday. That is the only concern of the Chawlas Team that the location was so good but most of the time they failed to come in the notice of people only because it is located on the top of Arambagh."

"Being married to a wonderful wife, who also happens to be my co-blogger at Sweet'n'Savoury, from an amazing Sikh family from Punjab, I personally have had the privilege to relish and understand the dynamics of the Punjabi cuisine, both at home and at various restaurants.

At first instance my reaction toward reviewing Chawla's was an underlying understanding of the conventional Punjabi Restaurant experience around the city. The overall dining experience was refreshing and different in many aspects.

The Chawla's Restaurant wears a very classy outlook with everything from the entrance to the interiors very tastefully done considering the minutest details in mind.

The walk up the staircase with the sketches and portraits of the Maharajas and the Maharanis warmly welcomes you to a expect a very royal culinary pampering. 

The overall food quality and Standard from the Starters to the Main Course and the Desserts were brilliant."

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