Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) Award Ceremony 2013

Sometimes something estimable incident happens to one’s life unexpectedly and that leaves an everlasting glimpse of contentment in his/her life. I treasured one such exquisite experience recently that left recherché retention to my life. I was spending a blissful vacation in Pune at my Sister's place and supposed to return on 14th October'13 to Mumbai at my Parents' nest. The day before 14th Oct'13 I received a message from Sameer Malkani, the Co-Founder of Food Bloggers Association ofIndia (FBAI), if any member of Kolkata Food Bloggers could attend the Award Ceremony in Mumbai taking place on 14th Oct'13 at JW Marriott. Happy and excited I was, my mind didn't allow me to let the opportunity to go away as I would be in Mumbai on that very day. And yes heartiest thanks to my husband; only for his effort I was able to witness this unforgettable Indian Food Bloggers Award Ceremony (IFBA).

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